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Nov 8



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The 2nd edition of the most important event in the region about .NET and organized by the community!

The latest on Microsoft technologies with top experts, a unique opportunity to learn, share, networking and fun! Workshops! Conferences! After Party! All in an informal environment.

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An event you will not forget

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  • Yohanna Ramirez / YOHIS

    Microsoft Educación: impacto y fomento en la academia en la era de la transformación digital

    La educación es el factor de cambio más importante en todo tipo de transformación. Conocer la visión de Microsoft Colombia permite conectarse con la amplia oferta de oportunidades dispuestas para todos, para entender los cambios asociados a cada una de las nuevas etapas de la industria de la tecnología.
  • Julie Lerman

    A Gentle Introduction to Domain-Driven Design

    DDD is a long-standing holistic approach to solving complex software problems. It begins with the importance of collaborating with domain experts to comprehend the problems you are helping them solve. DDD offers strategic patterns for designing systems as well as tactical patterns for architecting solutions and implementing code . There are so many wonderful concepts and patterns to learn from DDD that you can certainly benefit from parts as you evolve towards a broader understanding. This session will provide a very introductory overview of DDD. You'll get a high-level look at the end-to-end process, insights into the most commonly referred to techniques and patterns, a look at some of the coding patterns and an understanding of where DDD is useful, where it is overkill and where you can at least take advantage of pieces of its guidance.
  • Pete Brown

    Build Pro-audio and Music-creation apps for Windows 10

    One of the things I help developers with is building music creation applications on Windows 10. If you build applications that target musicians, or which need to use low-latency audio playback (even if just a fart app), MIDI, or a host of related technologies, join me to learn how to get started, practical tips, and also best practices for these types of apps. We'll talk mostly C# with a little bit of C++ thrown in in key areas just to keep things real. Topics covered will be AudioGraph, USB and BLE MIDI, Windows 10 audio-specific features, a little WASAPI, and more. This is not about media streaming, but folks building those types of apps may find some tidbits of interest here, as well.
  •  Coffee Break

  • Freddy Angarita

    Real time predictive analysis With Hadoop (Kafka+Spark)

    Realizar una demo en tiempo real de un analizador de discurso que pueda identificar palabras claves e identidades para luego agruparlas por categorías y mostrar un resultado gráfico. Mientras se dicta la charla, el analizador sintáctico estará escuchándonos y trabajando para luego dar un resultado de manera gráfica, intuitiva y fácil de comprender, mostrando en tiempo real el análisis realizado a partir del discurso grabado.
  • Walter Novoa

    .NET Quantum Development. Preparándonos para el futuro

    La computación cuántica da un salto gigantesco que alterará para siempre nuestro panorama económico, industrial, académico y social. En solo horas o días, una computadora cuántica puede resolver problemas complejos que de otro modo tomarían miles de millones de años con el poder de cómputo actual. Esto tiene implicaciones muy importantes para la investigación en salud, energía, sistemas ambientales, materiales inteligentes y más. En esta charla entenderemos de qué se trata la computación cuántica y veremos las herramientas que tenemos en el mundo .NET para tomar ventaja de ella.
  • Marco Dal Pino

    IoT and Cloud for the Digital Signage

    Digital Signage application are usually under considered applications. But with a small effort today we can build a complete platform for distributed digital signage that can manage different content on different places and devices, updating it in real time and supporting special functions like people counting, AD analysis, appreciation index etc. Let's see how we have designed and built such a type of system.
  •  Lunch

  • Mete Atamel

    Google Home powered by Containers, Machine Learning and .NET on Google Cloud

    Google Home
    What does it take to connect a Google Home to the cloud? Surprisingly, not much! In this talk, we will create a Dialogflow app to get a Google Home device to talk to a container managed by Kubernetes/App Engine. In the container, we’ll use some of the Machine Learning APIs and BigQuery and see how they can elevate our Google Home app to the next level. We will also integrate with Stackdriver and see how you can get more insights about your app with HTTP tracing and live debugging features of Stackdriver.
  • Dan Fernandez

    40 million customers can’t be wrong: How we built and online learning experiences using GitHub and Azure

    In this technical session, you’ll learn about, the new home for all documentation, samples, API reference, and learning content at Microsoft. You’ll learn how Docs is architected with a microservices architecture using Azure services like Azure Web Apps, Search, Storage, Containers, App Insights, and GitHub services to provide a best-in-class documentation and learning experience.
  • Karen Torres


  •  Coffee Break

  • Rodrigo Diaz Concha

    Lift & Shift de Servicios Web a Microservicios en Azure Service Fabric

    Azure Service Fabric
    Afrontémoslo: no todas las compañías y desarrolladores pueden darse el lujo de iniciar un proyecto desde cero, solo por el hecho de adoptar una nueva arquitectura, ya que seguramente hay millones de líneas de código ejecutando hoy en día en producción, basadas en tecnologías legacy como ASMX y WCF. Asimismo, muchas empresas optarán por un esquema híbrido o seguir en on-premises ¡antes de saltar a la Nube! Sin embargo, la única manera para conseguir la innovación en el negocio es a través de la modernización de las aplicaciones con tecnologías como los Contenedores y el uso de Patrones arquitectónicos preparados para la Nube. Como podrás deducir: este no es un proceso trivial. En esta sesión, aprenderás cómo modernizar tu código existente y llevarlo a una plataforma más resiliente, escalable, confiable y madura como Azure Service Fabric.
  • Pete Brown

    Cool sh*t you can build with the latest Windows

    Want to know what kinds of cool things .NET developers can do with the latest version of Windows? If so, come to this session to see a train of demos that will excite and inspire. This will be super fresh, covering the very latest Windows developments in a fun way, without the slideware you might expect from a Microsoftie. :)
  • Julie Lerman

    Mapping Well-Designed Domains with EF Core 2.1 (Julie Lerman)

    Entity Framework
    Entity Framework half-heartedly supported DDD patterns. But the new-from-scratch EF Core has brought new hope for DDD practitioners to map your well-designed domain classes to a database, reducing the cases where a separate data model is needed. EF Core 2.1 is very DDD friendly, even supporting things like fully encapsulated collections, backing fields and the return of support for value objects. In this hands we'll review some well-designed aggregates and explore how far EF Core 2.1 goes to act as the data model between your domain classes and your data store.
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Get your hands dirty!

Learn with the experts!

What we all, developers like: getting your hands dirty and learn new and better programming techniques, new technologies and solutions to the problems we face every day. As if that were not enough, in .NET Conf CO we do it with the very best experts who will have direct contact with you!

Access is limited since the facilities allows up to 40 people per workshop. A week before .NET Conf CO, registration will be announced only to people who already have .NET Conf CO tickets. You can not buy a ticket just for the workshops, the entrance to .NET Conf CO includes everything.


The latest on .NET and more!

2 days... 2 tracks of conference!

During Thursday and Friday the most important conference on .NET is held in 2 simultaneous tracks. Experts come to Medellín to give talks and share their knowledge with the community. A unique opportunity where you can even chat with them firsthand in the halls of the conference. Besides super interesting talks, the conference includes breakfast, breaks and lunch so you can take breaks between lectures and refresh your thirst and feed to recharge and keep learning. You can also enjoy our sponsors various proposals all the more interesting, do not miss it!

After Party

Music, Drinks, Food and Fun!

What more could you ask for?

At the end of the conference we continue celebrating with an After Party filled with music, drinks, food and fun! The great closing party, great to continue the conversation.


Top experts

Julie Lerman

USA Julie Lerman

Software Coach, Microsoft MVP & RD
The Data Farm

Guillermo Bellmann

Argentina Guillermo Bellmann

Software Architect

Pete Brown

USA Pete Brown

Principal Program Manager

Dan Fernandez

USA Dan Fernandez

Principal PM Manager
Microsoft USA

Mariano Vazquez

Argentina Mariano Vazquez

Tech Lead

Mayra Badillo

Colombia Mayra Badillo

Consultor Extermo & SWAT
Microsoft Colombia

Andrés Rojas

Colombia Andrés Rojas

General Manager & Senior Architect

Rodrigo Diaz Concha

Mexico Rodrigo Diaz Concha

Solutions Architect

Sebastián Leonardo Pérez

Argentina Sebastián Leonardo Pérez

Blockchain Developer
RSK Smart

Stella Miranda

Colombia Stella Miranda

Software Architect

Andrés Fontan

Colombia Andrés Fontan

Director de I+D+i

Juan Carlos Ruiz

Colombia Juan Carlos Ruiz

Senior Software Engineer

Julio Avellaneda

Colombia Julio Avellaneda

Tech Architect
MAS Global

Jheison Morales

Colombia Jheison Morales

Ingeniero de Software
Telefonica Colombia

Giovanny Saray

Colombia Giovanny Saray

Lider de arquitectura

Victor Silva

Uruguay Victor Silva

Tech and Infrastructure Analyst

Walter Novoa

Colombia Walter Novoa

Azure Solutions Architect

Mete Atamel

England Mete Atamel

Developer Advocate

Juan Lombana

Colombia Juan Lombana

Director de Tecnologia
Click In Software

Raul Guerrero

Mexico Raul Guerrero

Senior Technical Evangelist

Germán Valencia

Colombia Germán Valencia

.Net Developer
Growth Acceleration Partners

Luis Oquendo

Colombia Luis Oquendo


Miguel Teheran

Colombia Miguel Teheran

Senior Developer
Growth Acceleration Partners

Freddy Angarita

Colombia Freddy Angarita

Ultracom SAS

Juan Diego Foronda

Colombia Juan Diego Foronda

Senior .NET Developer
Growth Acceleration Partners

Gabriel Trujillo

Colombia Gabriel Trujillo

Tech Master - Web UI

Victor Henao

Colombia Victor Henao

Senior Technical Lead
Growth Acceleration Partners

Ricardo Gonzalez

Colombia Ricardo Gonzalez

Androcial Media

Miguel Mendoza

Colombia Miguel Mendoza

Principal Consultant
Synergy TPC

Fernando Sonego

Argentina Fernando Sonego

Software Architect
Algeiba IT

Marco Dal Pino

Italia Marco Dal Pino

Program Manager

Leomaris Reyes Rosario

República Dominicana Leomaris Reyes Rosario

Analista programadora

Yohanna Ramirez / YOHIS

Colombia Yohanna Ramirez / YOHIS

Learning Delivery Specialist

Manuel Zapata Cano

Colombia Manuel Zapata Cano

Desarrollador y arquitecto de software

Ivonne Chaves Ríos

Costa Rica Ivonne Chaves Ríos

Arquitecta de Software & IT | Nube | Web | Móvil
Grupo Babel

Leonardo Vargas Bernal

Colombia Leonardo Vargas Bernal

Universidad Icesi

Daniel Rodrigo Vargas

Colombia Daniel Rodrigo Vargas

President & Founder
CloudFirst Campus

Luis Felipe Diaz Valbuena

Colombia Luis Felipe Diaz Valbuena

Lider de Desarrollo

Isabel Yepes

Colombia Isabel Yepes

Evangelista Cloud

Luis Emilio Linares

Colombia Luis Emilio Linares

Director de Arquitectura Empresarial

Karen Torres

Colombia Karen Torres

Azure Solutions Architect

Pablo Di Loreto

Argentina Pablo Di Loreto

Service Delivery Manager
Algeiba IT

Juan Manuel Mejía Botero

Colombia Juan Manuel Mejía Botero

Desarrollador Analítica
Ultracom S.A.S

Sebastian López Valencia

Colombia Sebastian López Valencia

Desarrollador para Big Data
Ultracom IT S.A.S

Paulo César Ganado Caro

Colombia Paulo César Ganado Caro

Desarrollador Cloudera
Ultracom IT S.A.S.

Diana Carolina Torres

Colombia Diana Carolina Torres

Independent Consultant

Daniel Quagliano

Argentina Daniel Quagliano



Who makes this possible



Local Organizers

A team committed to make a great event

Cristian Moreno

Eliana Caraballo

Sorey Garcia

Geraldine Giraldo

Hernán Guzmán

Andrés Londoño

Global Organizers

Fabian Imaz

Fabian Fernandez

Pablo Di Loreto


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  • Conference access
  • Welcome Bag
  • T-Shirt
  • Coffee Breaks access
  • After Party access
  • Lunches included
  • Workshops access
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Sólo 25 tickets disponibles.


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