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Dan Fernandez

USA Dan Fernandez

Principal PM Manager
Microsoft USA

Dan Fernandez is the Group Program Manager in the Azure Growth & Ecosystem team where he runs a 20-person Program Management and Design team responsible for Microsoft technical websites including docs.microsoft.com, developer.microsoft.com, channel9.msdn.com, and more. Dan was previously a Principal PM Manager in the Visual Studio Tools for Azure team, creating the developer experience for Docker. Dan has worked at Microsoft since 2001, working in multiple roles including the Channel 9, conferences like Build and TechEd, and creating open source apps that show off fun, cool uses of Microsoft technology like Kinect-driven boxing robots or building cloud-connected cars. Dan’s other roles include Lead Product Manager for Visual Studio Express and Microsoft Popfly, the Visual C# Product Manager, and as a Developer Evangelist in the Mid-Atlantic district. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked as a developer at several consulting firms including IBM Global Services specializing in web-based and mobile application development. Follow him on Twitter at @danielfe.